What is MACnet?

MACnet_state_boundaryMACnet has been in existence since 1988 offering a cost effective, convenient way for advertisers to reach their customers. Since its inception, several advertisers have consistently advertised on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with the network.

The MACnet Networks are comprised of member publications of the Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association who agree to run your advertisement at a discounted rate. By doing this, MACnet offers you an attractive coverage area at a rate that can’t be matched.

The map shows the eight-state coverage area of MACnet. Because of the voluntary nature of the networks, not all publishers participate in the network. Please contact the office for a complete listing of the publishers who participate in the network.


How do the networks work?

We have several different advertising networks for you to choose from.

Are you interested in doing a 2×2 in several publications? Contact us about our 2×2 Display Network, we have a great special on it that you can’t refuse.

Our Customized Display Advertisements are great for anyone who wants to do a display ad but doesn’t want to be restricted to a 2×2 ad.

Our Insert Program is great for any company, large or small! You get to determine where you want your Inserts to go, based on zip code, publication, counties, cities or states.

Interested in a Classified Ad? Our Classified Network is a great choice for you. We have several Classified Networks to choose from, so you can decide what areas you want your message to go. Or place your ad in our full network and have your message reach up to 5 million readers! Our Micronets are networks within our Classified Networks that are broken down to precise areas you may want to run your ad. Check out our Micronets to see where would be the right fit for your ad!

Looking for more information, feel free to call our toll-free number, 1-800-450-7227

The MACnet Networks

The Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association provides you with convenient ways of marketing your business:


MACnet Classified Network
Reach 5 million readers every week!!  With just ONE call…  We make it convenient for you to call our office with our toll free number, 1-800-450-7227 or use our convenient online order form.


MACnet 2×2 Display Network
A SIZE FIT FOR ANY BUDGET! Our 2×2 Network Program provides a way in which to advertise a business card size ad in six different areas of coverage in the Mid-Atlantic region. The 2×2 network price is a predetermined area of coverage. Contact us today for pricing!


MACnet Display Network
Our Customized Display Network offers the most flexibility for you. Contact us today for pricing!


MACnet Insert Program
A PRICE RIGHT FOR YOUR BUDGET! MACnet offers a convenient way to place your single sheet 81/2” x 11” insert into our publications for only $40 per thousand wherever applicable. Contact us today for pricing!


MACnet’s Newest Network – MICRONETS help you reach to your targeted audience at an affordable rate in the Mid-Atlantic States. We make it convenient for you to call our office with our toll free number, 1-800-450-7227 or use our convenient online order form.

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