Customized Display Advertisements

1) The customer determines the size and publications they want to run in.
2) Three simple rules:

  • Must be at least three publications
  • Must be the same size in every publication (copy can be different)
  • Must be larger than a 2×2 advertisement

3) All ads are based on local open rates.
4) Rates currently available for quarter, half, and full page ads.
5) All ads are commissionable.
6) Deadline: Wednesday noon prior to the week requested.


The Cans…with Display Advertisement through the Network

7) Can run the ads in publications where they are currently running. (Sorry, rates will be the local open rate.)
8 ) Can be billed…Yes, pre-approved advertisers can be billed and must be paid within 30 days of receipt of invoice and tearsheets. Credit cards, certified checks and money orders are accepted.
9) Can run co-op ads. Unlike the 2×2 ads, publishers will be requested to float the ad in cases where the ad doesn’t fit their column width and the ad will run the week requested.
10) Can guarantee circulations.
11) Can provide your customer with a tearsheet from each publication.

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Contact MACnet at 1-800-450-6631 or for more information and pricing.