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MACnet Media provides an easy system to place advertisements with Community Papers, Shopper’s Guides, and Specialty publications throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. With one point of contact, you can reach over 3 million households in the states of New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.


MACnet Media can offer you the coverage you need at a very affordable rate. The map shows the eight-state coverage area of MACnet Media. The circulation of our publications are audited to prove the accuracy of their circulation and provide you with the assurance the circulation information being quoted are actual numbers. Along with the audit readership studies are conducted to provide the buying habits of the readers and extend valuable information to you to make a very informed decision to purchase print advertising. The independent audit is conducted by the Circulation Verification Council.


page-logoMACnet Media and the Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Associations is part of a national consortium promoting free papers throughout the nation. Learn more about the power of free papers at PaperChain.


Placement Services

We have several different advertising services available.

Our Display Advertising Service provides you with the ability to place your advertisement in any of our publications. We can plan, place, and fulfill your order based on your specific request or the demographics you may be interested in reaching.

Our Insert Service is great for agencies to provide their clients with the best coverage possible. Choose your circulation based on zip code, publication, counties, cities or states. We can quickly and easily provide you with the information needed.

Our Classified Ad Service can be customized to reach the specific audience you need. We have three types of network programs: Area Networks, Micronets, and Mininets. Place your advertisement from 3 million circulation to 300,000 circulation. 


Looking for more information? Feel free to call our toll-free number, 800-450-6631 or completed the form below to begin the process to request information.

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