MACnet_2x2 Network

Easy To Do 2×2 Network!

1) Simple Rules
2) Two ways to sell it – Predetermined areas of coverage or customer specific (known as Pick n Choose 2×2)
3) Predetermined areas of coverage – Follow the circulations figures for the classified network. Replace the thousand comma with a period and take that figure x $1 = The customer’s cost.
4) Customer Specific – Customer chooses the publications they want to run in based on the following: At least 3 publishers full network run of circulation, at least 800,000 circulation, all new publications. Take this circulation figure and change the comma to a period. You have your price. $1 per thousand.
5) All ads are commissionable
6) Deadline: Wednesday noon prior to the week requested.
7) Size of an ad is 2″ by 3.25″

$1 per thousand for all 2×2 Networks!!!


The Cans and Can’ts…with the 2×2 Network

8 ) Can’t run the ad in publications at the 2×2 rate where they are currently advertisers.
9) Can’t run in partial circulation or less than 800,000 circulation
10) Can’t bill the ads. This network is prepayment ONLY!
11) Can’t run co-op ads in the 2×2 network. Publishers are allowed to adjust the size of the ads. Two week window of exposure.
12) Can’t guarantee that the ad will not be adjusted to fit.
13) Can’t run more than four 2×2 network ads in each publication per week.

14) Can guarantee circulation. (Customer requested circulation only)
15) Can use the convenience of the network to place ads in publications where they are current advertisers at the local open rate.
16) Can run a 2×4 just by doubling the price of the 2×2. The ad size would be 4″ h x 3.25″ w.


Contact MACnet at 1-800-450-6631
for more information and pricing.